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Comic for Monday, October 1, 2007

#313 - Second Try           New episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday
313 - Second Try

Monday, October 1, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: Stumptown Comics Fest was, in a word, Totally Awesome. I gave out about 400 "Ask Dr. Eldritch" postcards and over 100 buttons, and had a pretty good time doing it. There is much to tell (way more than I have strength for now), so let me mention the shining highlight of the weekend:

I'd met Phil Foglio at Comic-Con, briefly, shaking his hand and (I hope) articulately conveying that I liked his work. I try to not be too star-struck (remember my motto: "Famous people are just like us Ordinary People, Only Better"), but I first became aware of his art almost thirty years ago, and have always been impressed with it. So as I'm setting up my table, he wanders over to say hi, and tell me that he's been enjoying the comic, particularly the bit with Kari coming back to the mansion. I thanked him (hopefully not too profusely), and managed to not fall over in awe. I did give him a "Choose Wisely" button, which he wore on his skull-patterned suspenders for the duration of the show. We talked a couple more times during the weekend, and I bought one of his "Girl Genius" books, which he signed for me. You know how it is when you meet an artist you admire and find that he's a gracious and personable guy? It was like that.

I also want to make a very Eldritch Shout-Out to Readers Sanguinity and Grrlpup, who hung out with me Sunday afternoon, and particularly Sanguinity, who staffed the table while I wandered about the show! (Again, Thanks!) She did an excellent job handing out postcards and guessing people's Astrological Signs. Which I'll tell you more about, in a later post, but not today...

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